Wedding Movie Posters from you Essex Wedding Photography

So on your wedding day you’re dressed up and look absolutely amazing. The most beautiful girl on the day without a doubt. The photographer and videographer are there capturing your day and the events as they unfold. But, there’s just one small thing missing…Your very own movie poster. After a day with the paparazzi following you, you feel as though you’re a movie star and what better way to remember this is with your very own framed Movie poster.

Here’s one I have put together to give you a taste of what we mean. These are an additional option and are tailored to you, every design is different and could even be based upon your favourite film of all time.

I believe we are the only Essex Wedding Photographers to offer this, why? Well I have also been a graphic designer for around 12 years as well as a photographer. That’s why we come up with amazing new ways to present you on your wedding day.

The Engineer
Braintree Essex Wedding PHotography

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