UK Wedding Photographers Winner

Competitions and awards do not interest me in the least. My aim is to please my bride and grooms with fantastic wedding photography. There are some wedding photographers that strive to win the latest competition but I feel by focusing your efforts on these titles you tend to miss out on a fundemental point, getting it right for you bride and groom. Wedding photography is about taking gorgeous wedding photographs in your own style but not at the cost of your bride and groom.

Delivering truly beautiful images to your bride and groom which is enough reward for me

As you know I have recentley been added to the recomended list on UK Wedding Photographer. Which is an online showcase for UK wedding photographers – no gimmicks, no fads, no niche markets. Good work, any genre, it’s that simple. Each month on their FlickR group they run a competition which is then judged by the members of UKWP.

Well what can I say, my first entry into this competition and I won. I’m not bragging or saying what a fantastic photographer I am. It’s just nice to be recognised by fellow wedding photographers for producing amazing work whilst also making my main focus to create wonderful wedding photographs that my bride and groom can treasure for always.

Take a look here, be nice and leave a comment, thanks, Dave.

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