The real people behind the magic that is We Adore Weddings

You never really get to find out who is actually behind all the research and development of some web blogs, but today i have some insider news. Fee and Nic are the faces behind We Adore Weddings. They are the ones that bring all those fantastic ideas that can turn your wedding in to something that little extra special. So I asked them to tell us all about themselves, so enjoy, feet up with a cuppa and maybe the odd naughty biscuit!

We Adore Weddings, We Adore you.


We Adore Weddings established in 2010 by bloggers Fee and Nico. In its short life it has already established itself as a daily inspiration for Brides and wedding industry professionals worldwide. At its current rate of growth traffic to the site continues to grow past our expectations. This is fantastic to see that soo many people love what we blog about.We Adore Weddings covers every aspect of a wedding. From what’s new in the Wedding dress industry to DIY wedding ideas. Real weddings from photographers make a daily feature. The photography plays a huge part in our blog as we set ourselves apart from other blogs by expressing our ideas through images rather than words. The blog is also very unique to other UK blogs, we are not only UK bloggers but Australian too. The blog runs a joint venture, with input from Fee in the UK and Nico in Australia. This is the first wedding blog to achieve this approach.

Although we have miles and oceans between us a long standing friendship and passion for weddings keeps our blog fresh and current. We take our blog very seriously and endeavor to share a variety of wedding ideas, real weddings and lots of other wedding related loveliness! We Adore Weddings is all about creating a unique style which reflects you best. It’s YOUR day so be who YOU want to be NOT what you think you should be!

So far in our short journey we have been so lucky to have involvement with such talented and wonderful wedding vendors.

December 2010,  makeup artist Kaz Fernando featured with award winning photographer Julia Boggio. This was our first big break through feature with two big industry professionals. We have continued to build on this relationship with Kaz and Julia.

March 2011, we had our first record hits on the blog after we featured ‘A Black Swan Inspired Shoot’ from Natasha Jane. The feature was extremely popular after the release of the film Black Swan.

May 2011, Some of the Official Photographs and behind the scenes  from ‘The White Gallery and Matthew Williamson Debut’ the UK’s largest designer wedding show. Photographs kindly supplied by Eddie Judd. Again the feature was a massive success. With some great wedding gowns to be adored, a new fashion in wedding gowns was clear from the catwalk. We are looking forward to seeing the gowns on real Brides in 2012.

The continued support of so many UK and Australian photographers with their submissions; Sarah Janes PhotographyNGG StudiosDean Govier and Dave Allen to mention a few. Without the photographers support the blog simply wouldn’t exist.

As We Adore Weddings  continues to grow we are looking forward to the next 12 months and all that 2011/2012 has in store for us.

Watch this space

Much Love

Fee and Nico XxX

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