Marks Hall Wedding Photographer – Emma and Mike Pre-wedding shoot

Marks Hall Wedding Photographer with Emma and Mike on their Pre-wedding shoot

Two posts in two days…the football must have finished, but what about the tennis!? I can still find some time between the games of tennis to work! So here we have your Marks Hall Wedding Photographer – with Emma and Mike in the grounds of the Marks Hall  Country Park. It’s a gorgeous location and Emma and Mike have this amazing venue as their wedding too! How wonderful, well it certainly is for me as I’ll get to shoot their wedding photographs in them! I can’t write this post without mentioning that Mike is also a budding photographer and his work is developing nicely with some great shots to his name, although he is currently waiting for his camera to dry out after a very wet and windy hike up Snowdonia! Emma on the other hand is a school teacher, so I better be on my best behaviour when shooting their wedding otherwise I could be in big trouble!

As always, those are my ramblings, these are their pre-wedding photos…enjoy and before you go back to Google or Facebook, remember to leave some lovely comments for Emma and Mike.

 …more to come so stay tuned kids %Essex and London Wedding Photographer from your Marks Hall  Wedding Photographer

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