Development and training with Damien Lovegrove

On my quest to be the best wedding photographer I can be and to stop me from being far too critical on my own work, I have decided to put myself on a wedding photography workshop with one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers, Damien Lovegrove. The few people I have already told,  have already said, why? Your photographs are amazing and your style is wonderful. What can you learn!? My answer to them is simple, we all can learn from somebody else, it’s a fool who thinks he knows it all and a fool that feels he is the best he can be. Friends and colleagues who know me, know I am extremely critical of my work and feel I have so much more to give. I want my bride and grooms to not just be amazed with their wedding photography, but to be blown away with the force of Hurricane Catrina!! I want them to be excited and emotional every time they pick their album up!! So in the effort of development and to fulfill this dream I took the decision to go on this course. Maybe I will gain some influence on what I do, maybe I’ll meet some amazing photographers who I can learn from and even second shoot for, or maybe they’ll want to second shoot for me. One thing is for sure, I’ll learn something and enjoy every minute of it!

Keep your eye’s peeled for an update on this article…one day, just one day I’ll be the best!

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