It’s 2012…so who’s getting married?

Firstly, happy new year to you all and may it bring all you wish and a little more.

Now I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas seeing friends and family? I did, but I also have some amazing news to tell you all…I also got engaged over the Christmas holidays to Angela, my hot chick ;). To her surprise may I add! How did I propose, I hear you ask? How romantic can I be? Well the day after Boxing day, we were in Brighton, strolling along the promenade chatting about random stuff and walking our 22 week old puppy, Murphy. It was dark and getting rather cold so I suggested we head back to the car, when we got back to the car, I pulled out a couple of blankets, a bottle of lovely wine and some glasses. To the bewilderment of Angela, I said lets go snuggle up on the beach by the West pier…”mmm, what a great idea” Angela said. So off we went to snuggle up and keep each other warm whilst sipping on some wine down in front of the old burnt out West Pier. Murphy on the other hand had different ideas…he wanted to play!!! After some snuggling, reminiscing and a little romancing or mood setting, I asked Angela if she would one day, be my wife. Any of you that know Angela, know her being speechless is a rare occasion, this was one of those occasions! Not that I was in any doubt, I mean how could she turn me down…!! Of course she said yes! So subscribe to see what happens next!

Back to wedding photography. You’re here because we are now in the same boat, as wedding photography could now be the thing on your mind too! You’re thinking, I need to get this sorted out as soon as possible, but who do I choose, I want a great photographer without breaking the bank. Well no need to go any further, I am your wedding photographer. How do you know I’m the right one!? Give me a call, I’ll pop round to meet you and we can have a chat, maybe a cuppa as well.

Keep watching for a January offer coming out shortly. It maybe enough to tempt you…then again you may not even need tempting! Or take a look through some of my recent blog entries to see whether I’m right for you, then maybe check out the prices and the testimonials page.

My aim as an Essex based wedding photographer is to photograph your wedding, let it unfold and record those moments that you miss but want to remember forever.

Be careful out there!


  • clare gatt

    congratulations on your engagement!ReplyCancel

    • admin

      Thank you Clare. It took a while but I finally got there!
      The weddings a long way off yet but I’m sure Angela is planning away!!

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New year, not long now until the second Honeymoon 🙂
      Enjoy 🙂

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