Cressing Temple Barns Wedding Photographer – Anna and James

Cressing Temple Barns Wedding Photographer with Anna and James

Hi you all once again it’s your Cressing Temple Barns Wedding Photographer. I know it’s been a while since I populated these pages with some more of our wedding photography, but hey, don’t fret because I’m back. Yup, I’m back with a little sneak peek from Anna and James’ wedding at Cressing Temple Barns which is between Witham and Braintree in Essex.

Now despite the big juicy clouds you see in the first shot, the day was a beautiful sunny day…all apart from the formals…yes the main time in the day when you’ like it to be nice…it rains! Anyway, we can handle it, it’s only a spot of water right! So being the tough bride and groom that they were, Anna and James whipped out the umbrellas and we cracked on.  Once we finished…the sun came out…do’h!

As I ramble on some more, the wedding was at Cressing Temple barns, but we had a wee little drive to Coggeshall which is where they had their reception. SO on the way, why not stop off for a few shots! Here’s a couple…enjoy!

As always, those are my ramblings, these are their wedding photos…enjoy and before you go back to Google or Facebook, remember to leave some lovely comments for Anna and James…
Essex Wedding Photographer-cressing-temple-barns
 …more to come so stay tuned kids 🙂
from your Cressing Temple Barns Wedding Photographer

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