Street Photography in Brick Lane and Bishopsgate London

Street Photography…or a Documentry of a walk around Brick Lane with Howaboutno

Wedding photography is one element of photography I love. The driving force behind this is the study of people and taking photographs of them. Watching the behaviours and the reactions of people that are unaware is fantastic and a great way to explore a documentary style of photography.

Way back in the day when I studied photography at college, I recall one of my first assignments to be a walk along East Ham high street in London and photograph the locals to tell a story of the demographic and social side of East Ham. This assignment was the bait that got me hooked on taking photographs of people. Each and every face tells a story, it may not be an exciting or miraculous story but a story none the less! Expressions can go from happiness and joy to worry or a total self-absorption upon what is happening around them. Life, after all is what we make it but as individuals our lives are made from the life experiences we go through. As my parents would say…’Character building’.  These ‘character building moments may push our own boundaries of tolerances or the joyful moments may make our lives such a pleasure to be in. Be your own judge on what you see here, are the moments and expressions telling you a story or are they simply just people in a photograph…look deeper than what you see, let the photograph open up and swallow you in!

 Then afterwards tell you me your favourite and why!




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